Canadian Association of Journalists


I’m a regular trainer with the Canadian Association of Journalists, conducting data-journalism workshops at the association’s annual conventions. I’ve been fortunate to be part of a dynamic team of instructors including Fred Vallance Jones, now a professor at the University of King’s College in Halifax, and award-winning journalist, the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor.

At the association’s 2013 convention in Ottawa, we teamed up at Carleton University to teach Excel, Google’s Fusion Tables and ArcMap. The feedback was great. One of the participants, Gavin Adamson, has set the wheels in motion for a data-journalism class at Ryerson where he is an assistant professor.  And yet another participant, Allison Martell, who writes about mining for Reuters, used some of the Excel skills she learned for a story about the hard times facing small mining companies.

I edit and layout  Media, a quarterly magazine published by the Canadian Association of Journalists. The magazine, which used to be available in print edition but is now a PDF, features columns by some of the top practitioners and stories that delve into the trends that are changing the journalism landscape. Check out the latest edition.